Thursday, March 22, 2012


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The infamous Z-Bubble, calling card of Zipwhip.

Zipwhip is cloud texting, duh. If you don't know what that is, please stand up, stretch it out, and join us here in the 21st Century. In all seriousness, cloud texting is basically the wireless tech version of several tin can strung together for communication purposes. With texting becoming an essential form of communication, this evolution is certainly a no-brainer.

We're stoked to be aiding in the marketing of Zipwhip by providing stickers but it spurred a thought about the evolution of the sticker in the modern era. GetGlue comes to mind as they utilize the sticker concept in an electronic form. Does that mean everything previously established will soon evolve into a digital version and organic reality as we know it will cease to exist? cloud texting...get on board.

Zipwhip | Embrace the Cloud

For over 4 years Zipwhip has been laser focused on text messaging and the unique characteristics that have made it such a widely adopted medium. While billions of consumers globally have grown to embrace its functionality, a new problem has evolved—text messaging has become stuck inside the mobile device. Texting has become too important in people's lives to be the sole domain of a mobile phone, and that is why Zipwhip exists today. Zipwhip's text messaging cloud enables mobile subscribers to text from virtually any connected device with a fully synchronized experience to their main mobile number.

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