Monday, April 16, 2012

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Hiatus in the Name of Growth

We'll be back.

This week brings yet another round of massive changes for DCS. All blogs have halted until our brand new web site goes live. Keep your eyes peeled friday for the launch of the all new!

After ten years of business it's time for yet another makeover. In addition to the new web site you'll be able to see a fresh face added to our Sticker Monster mascot. Wednesday will see it unveiled via our social media channels. Stay tuned for even more as we celebrate an anniversary and a complete rebirth!

Normal blogging will resume Friday.

Your Pals,

The DCS Team

Friday, March 23, 2012

WXXI Broadcasing | Kids Club

click image above for link
500 - Digital Kiss-Cut Stickers at 1.25"

The DCS team is happy to be making stickers for the WXXI Kids Club! Even though they're all the way over on the eastern seaboard, we know the kids club will be brimming with excitement for some brand new stickers to slap all over their stuff.

Back in the 90's joining a kids club was a problematic affair. You had mail issues, fees, and parental permission to contend with. In the internet age it's just a tad easier and that mean accessibility coupled with stronger devotion. We hope the kids are as stoked as we are!

WXXI | Services

Since 1958, WXXI has provided the Greater Rochester area with the finest radio and television programming available. In the last several years, WXXI has bloomed from broadcasting one television channel and two radio stations to three television channels and six radio stations. WXXI has added interactive services such as live streaming of radio and podcasts of many programs.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

826 Creations | Pimp Factory

click image above for pimp status
500 - Digital Die-Cut Stickers in 2 Layouts


You will not find the apparel you're looking for. True Story. Experience speaks volumes.

However, feel free to head over to 826 Creations for all the Pimp Factory gear you can handle. Originally thought to be a factory that manufactures pimps, this line now possesses a significant cult following that is poised to explode with exponential growth.

Our production team is particularly stoked on the color choices. Our understanding of the pimp lifestyle is rudimentary and best left to those with swag and steez. We'll handle the vinyl.

Pimp Factory | Pimp Harder

High quality clothing, ridiculous designs and guilt by association since 2008...


click image above for link
The infamous Z-Bubble, calling card of Zipwhip.

Zipwhip is cloud texting, duh. If you don't know what that is, please stand up, stretch it out, and join us here in the 21st Century. In all seriousness, cloud texting is basically the wireless tech version of several tin can strung together for communication purposes. With texting becoming an essential form of communication, this evolution is certainly a no-brainer.

We're stoked to be aiding in the marketing of Zipwhip by providing stickers but it spurred a thought about the evolution of the sticker in the modern era. GetGlue comes to mind as they utilize the sticker concept in an electronic form. Does that mean everything previously established will soon evolve into a digital version and organic reality as we know it will cease to exist? cloud texting...get on board.

Zipwhip | Embrace the Cloud

For over 4 years Zipwhip has been laser focused on text messaging and the unique characteristics that have made it such a widely adopted medium. While billions of consumers globally have grown to embrace its functionality, a new problem has evolved—text messaging has become stuck inside the mobile device. Texting has become too important in people's lives to be the sole domain of a mobile phone, and that is why Zipwhip exists today. Zipwhip's text messaging cloud enables mobile subscribers to text from virtually any connected device with a fully synchronized experience to their main mobile number.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Flying Pig Performance Fly Rods

click image above when pigs fly
250 - Digital Die-cut Stickers at 3.25"

The Flying Pig is a classic piece of artwork that will become widely recognized for future flying fishing generations to come, there's no doubt about it. As far as identity and brand recognition goes, Flying Pig has their iconic status locked in.

From a sticker standpoint this is very much one of the most arresting graphics our team has ever seen in the digital printing department. Our hall of fame has a new addition.

Flying Pig's ideal of progression is an exciting and a huge asset to the fishing industry. It's exciting to see what new avenues this kind of attitude will open up for flying fishing technology and other facets. Make sure to check them out online for all the latest milestones!

Flying Pig | Doing the Impossible

Fly fishermen have only one goal. To push the boundaries of what we think is humanly possible in pursuit of the experience of a lifetime. The fly fisher is not one who is content with idly waiting for the moment, but rather one who is compelled to explore every nook and remote corner of the globe in pursuit of a lasting memory. It's not so much about the actual fish as it is about the journey. As beginners we take the first steps in what may take a lifetime to master. Along the way, if we push ourselves hard enough, we can gain exceptional knowledge of the sport, but perhaps most importantly a change in attitude becomes evident. We realize there is so much more to life than safety,and convention.

Some of us will inevitably choose to suppress these passions and wait for a moment in time when we are not so "busy " with lives tasks. Perhaps saving them for the day when pigs fly. Others of us have seen this elusive little creature, and realize that life is too short for excuses. The ones who live for a thrill, and find passion in every passing minute. The ones who have already encountered their pig on the wing. Dare to ask yourself in which camp you fall. You most certainly already know the answer.

Larry Damore


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dabob Bay Surf Co.

click image above to catch a wave
1,000 - Digital Die-cut Stickers at 5"

Dabob Bay Surf Co. has a unique story born out of the local surf community near Bainbridge Island. Like a powder keg of surf energy ready to blow, now is the time to get on board with DB and their unique offerings. With Spring sprung and Summer just on the horizon, new fans are going to be clamoring for new gear and lining up early.

Always happy to see our local neighbors flourish, it's going to be fun see the growth and prosperity as the season rolls in. The entire DCS team hopes that our stickers are a boon toward bring about some great word of mouth and extensive vibe marketing around the state.

Dabob Bay | Get A Stiffy

The Dabob Surf Co. llc., was created by 2 great friends Callaway and Max in the summer of 2011.

In an effort to keep busy while their friends and family were catching air and surfing manufactured waves (behind their trusty boat, "The Furlough 2") one hot summer day on the pristine waters of Dabob Bay, Washington.

Callaway and Max manufactured out of all recycled materials their first board, "The Original BIG Stiffy," and this started their passion for boarding Big in the Pacific Northwest.

Outer Escape

click image above for link
100 - Digital Die-cut Stickers at 4"

Outer Escape is a portal.

Slow down there, it's not that kind of portal. The "portal" is actually a metaphor for a world of information provided in the arena of outdoor EVERYTHING. Enthusiasts, rejoice! You could be looking at a bonafide game-changer.

The DCS team is excited to jump in on the ground-floor as they prep for a highly anticipated launch. Digital die-cut stickers may just tip the scales in the favor of awesomeness. Keep your eyes peeled online starting...NOW!

Outer Escape | Launching Soon

Our portal is where outdoor enthusiasts like you can see and share great video and photography, read blogs about your favorite sport, engage in social media communication with your friends and see pro-staff gear reviews and recommendations. …you can then easily buy your favorite latest and greatest gear online…

FELTRAIGER | New American Classic

click image above for link
3,000 - Stickers on a roll.
1,000 - Digital Kiss-Cut Stickers at 3.75"

Picture the movie Drive, starring Ryan Gosling. Now picture that movie with zero hammer bludgeoning incidents. This will give you a idea of the vibe of the high fashion existence of FELTRAIGER. While we lack the boldness and confidence necessary for that kind of style, we're definitely projecting our admiration and imagining the possibilities.

Wardrobe sensibilities aside, we couldn't be more excited to couple our sticker-making efforts with a more dynamic and fresh label. Certainly more work can be done to create vinyl pairings of the highest order.


FELTRAIGER is an American menswear label based in Brooklyn, New York. The brand is driven by an idea of American rebellion, while individual collections gather inspiration from specific American sub-cultures. We call the brand “New American Classic”, and aim to create classic American garments with updated details. Everything produced by FELTRAIGER is made in the United States in limited numbers and built with the intention of being passed down to future generations.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Alyeska Mountain Resort

click image above for link
4 unique colorways.

DCS is happy to be working with Alyeska, one of the shining examples of Alaska's beauty. Try as you might, you'll never imagine the majesty and rugged charm this type of terrain possesses.

Luckily we have some vacation time coming up. It may be time to engage in a serious get away from the grind and hole up in Alaska for a few months. Someone will cover for us, right?

The entire team definitely wants to thank AR for their business and we're more than happy to create amazing looking stickers now and into the future. Cheers, guys!

Alyeska | The Resort

Tucked amid the Chugach Mountains on Alaska's southcentral coast, Alyeska Resort is the place to discover the wilderness and expansive beauty of the Last Frontier.

Located just 40 miles from Anchorage and the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Alyeska Resort is your base camp for summer and winter excursions. The resort is near three national parks and the Kenai Peninsula, and surrounded by the Chugach Mountains.

Alyeska Resort stands out during ski season with close to 650” of average snowfall annually and the longest-continuous double black diamond ski run in North America.

Garuka Bars | ALL NEW

click image above for link
The new Garuka artwork.

Gorilla Bars is now GARUKA BARS!!!

Same old gorilla, new name. Held together with honey and fruit, these nutritious bars also work in the favor of gorilla conservation. What's not to love? Get yours while we get ours.

We're stoked on the mission and the message of Garuka and we'll keep making stickers for them until the world is overrun with extremely appreciative and friendly gorillas. Until then...

Garuka | Conservation Conscious

Garuka Bars is named after one of the few remaining mountain gorillas ranging the wilderness of Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Garuka needs protection and you need all-natural energy. We’re working on both. Our bars are packed full of simple, wholesome ingredients, and a percentage of each sale goes towards gorilla conservation.

PRESS RELEASE | Waste Reduction with Waste Management

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Announces Community Partnership with Waste Management to Eliminate Vinyl Production Waste.

SEATTLE, Wash (March 19, 2012)­­­­ – After a longstanding battle with large waste output due to the unique trappings of the vinyl sticker production process, Seattle-based has coordinated efforts with Waste Management to institute a recycling plan that will eliminate nearly all vinyl, plastic, and wax materials previously sent directly to landfills. Currently in action, this initiative is a targeted effort to undo damage left by the byproducts of an industry marred by large trash runoff. was founded in 2002 and has since grown from a one-man basement operation to a flourishing sticker manufacturer with thousands of clients globally and locally. Unprecedented rapid success and growth has triggered a broader awareness and responsibility in President and Founder Daniel Diederichs who has made it his aim to wash away the stigma and negative environmental presence currently associated with his participation in the vinyl industry.

“It’s been a long time in the making but I am thrilled and quite proud to announce that has become a community partner with Waste Management. We are now able to recycle nearly all of our production waste,” said Mr. Diederichs. “In an industry known for being chronic landfill abusers, we are very excited to now be able to act on our Green Thinking and execute a program that helps us minimize our landfill waste and help us secure the legacy of our business, the environment and generations to come.”

With an 8-cubic yard container and pickups twice monthly, the production staff is happy to see their garbage heading out at a faster pace and on a path to be reused. As a whole will continue to raise awareness and encourage others in their industry to take ownership by instituting change toward greener process removing landfills from the vinyl equation.

About: has slowly grown into the premier vinyl die-cut sticker manufacturer. With over 3,000 clients in 10 countries, including Nike, Pepsi, Spin Magazine, and Krochet Kids International, we take great pride in servicing each and every client as if they were family. No job is too big or too small for us and we have expanded our technical resources to include full-color die-cuts, screen-print stickers, banners and full or partial vehicle/trailer wraps.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Noom, Inc.

click image above for link
Noom: Wellness Intelligence

Noom has done a tremendous job integrating smartphone technology with a wellness lifestyle that encourages simple usability. For folks as busy as our sticker team, it's a dream. Especially since we need to get back into fighting shape.

We're stoked for new orders from Noom and can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Noom | Mission

We believe the best way to attract people to a healthier lifestyle is to develop products that make it enjoyable. On your smartphone, our products use cutting edge technology to accurately monitor your progress and provide expert advice and analysis to keep you on track. By making the experience relevant to who you are, your goals, and your interactions, we provide a personalized plan that makes weight loss attainable and fun.

Thursday, March 15, 2012 Food Drive | Northwest Harvest

Next week DCS is holding a food drive in conjunction with Northwest Harvest. Just shy of our Ten Year Anniversary, our business has experienced humbling success and prosperity. Unfortunately there are still a sobering number of our neighbors and community members struggling to feed themselves and their families. During hard times we definitely believe it's our duty to give back and share our good fortune with anyone we can.

We encourage you to donate whatever possible, any time of the year to groups and charities that you believe in. During the final week in March we'll be pooling our resources to help Northwest Harvest get food to the hungry. Drop by the DCS Office at 503 S. Michigan St. to help fill our donation bins daily between 10am and 5pm. Special arrangements can be made for any donation. If you're a client or business, pool your office resources and we are more than happy to accommodate can pick up larger contributions.

Contact us: call 206.816.3421 or email

What types of food does Northwest Harvest need?

Northwest Harvest can use any nonperishable food or monetary donations. If you prefer to donate food, select shelf-stable food with the lowest saturated fats and refined carbohydrates (sugar, white flour). We buy white rice and beans in bulk, so we encourage you to donate other items. Here are some suggestions:

General food items:

Whole grain pastas
Brown rice
Tomato products
Canned vegetables
Canned fruit, especially with low sugar (but not artificial sweeteners)
Canned fish or meat
Shelf-stable milk
Beef stew, chili and similar meals with low sugar and saturated fats

Infant and baby foods:

Baby formula
Canned milk
Infant cereal
Jars of baby food
Powdered or canned milk
We also accept baby diapers

S  P  R  E  A  D     T  H  E    W  O  R  D.

HK Army

click image above to enlist in the HK Army
10,000 - Two Color Screen-Print Stickers at 6.69"

Prior to a life of humble and quiet sticker-making, the DCS team was actually a tactical special-forces squad operating deep in the jungles of South America. During a rather routine rescue mission we encountered a never-before-seen enemy that hunted us for sport and camouflaged itself by bending light via alien technology. Taking it down was quite a task and after that little road bump we decided to resign ourselves to a low key life of stickering.

HK Army is diligently providing mercenaries and their homies with stylish and sassy apparel in a new age. This speaks to the nostalgia in our hearts but is also very progressive. Much respect to the brand and much love for a wonderful continued business relationship! Cheers!

HK Army | Incorporeal

The HK Army is an apparel company that has its fingers firmly planted into the Paintball lifestyle and stretches into music, art, and even footwear.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


click image above for link
100 - Two Color Screen-Print Stickers on Clear Vinyl

Zumobi is back! With some changes made and some progressive moves in their pocket, DCS has a new order of polished looking stickers ready for this mobile advertising and UI behemoth.

Clear vinyl is an often overlooked material and as you can already see, the two color results speak for themselves. We're looking forward to more orders that push our medium and show off the technical skills of the printing processes we utilize.


Zumobi | About

We are mobile pioneers who enable engaging in-app experiences for the world’s premier publishers and brands across multiple devices, utilizing 17 patents filed on advertising, server-side technologies and mobile UI.

As early innovators, we enabled such app features as location check-in, social media interoperability, and remote configuration data sync that allow new features to be added directly to an app without app store review.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

High Cascade Snowboard Camp

click image above to improve your life
Over 15,000 screen-printed stickers. Seriously.

A truly heartbreaking and sobering realization just tumbled down like an avalanche: we're too old to enroll at High Cascade Snowboard Camp.

Now what? Life seems to have lost all the luster and magic. I suppose we could continue banging out stickers to show our undying love and support. Then we'll whisk ourselves away to the dark corners of the mountain and struggle to keep our snow legs as our aging physiques continually let us down.

Nah. We'll be fine.

Thanks to HCSC for another great order! DCS stays in business, yahoo!

HCSC | Guiding Principals

We are proud of the fact that everything we do as a camp, as a business, as a community member, and as an employer is to improve the lives of those around us. Snowboarding, skateboarding, photography and all the other fun activities at High Cascade are simply vehicles for making lives better. From making new friends to building self-esteem, promoting responsibility, and discipline, High Cascade’s mission is simple and honest:


Stevens Pass Bike Park

click image above for link
15,000 - Two Color Screen-Print Stickers at 7"

We've just received word from the front lines of fandom that these particular SPBP stickers are a huge hit! The DCS team loves that kind of glory straight from the horse's mouth. Great design coupled with tight production has made this one of our best looking projects to date and we're excited to add this one to the hall of fame and show it off incessantly.

The next order is going to be even better. Thanks guys!

Stevens Pass Bike Park | Literally

In the non-snow portion of Skykomish, Washington is terrain preserved for bikes and bikes alone.

Vitamin Water

click image above for proper hydration
2,000 - Digital Die-Cut Stickers at 5"

Please do not attempt to consume beverages out of these stickers. We are not liable for the absolute failure that will occur as a result. The DCS team is aware that the colors and print quality renders this image vibrant and looking far more dimensional than is true, but you must be cautious when enjoying these vinyl offerings. Purchase Vitamin Water at your local retailer to compare and we're confident you'll discover the subtle nuances and contrast.

Please drink and sticker responsibly. Big thank to Vitamin Water - NW Region for their hearty consumption of our vinyl products. Cheers!

Vitamin Water | About

Hydration for every occasion. Morning, noon, night.

Monday, March 12, 2012


click image above for a showdown in little tokyo
500 - Digital Die-Cut Stickers at 3.315"

Legend has it that there was an incident where Dolph Lundgren's house was being invaded by some brash hooligans who intended to pilfer all the valuables inside. Upon seeing a photo of Dolph smiling with his family they immediately evacuated the premises without a single solitary object.

In the Grand Scheme of things, a story like that is genuinely sobering.

Grand Scheme | Just For Men

We are a mens lifestyle brand with a strong focus on quality garments, bold designs and finished looks. Pulling inspiration from the 90’s skate, sport & hip hop culture.

Xtreme Diesel Performance

click image above for link
20,000 - 4/Color Screen-Print Die-cut Stickers at 4"

The DCS team is happy to see XDP back for another gargantuan run of stickers. This time we've polished up our production processes even further to add yet another layer of quality to the project. We're excited about the improvements and XDP is going to reap all the benefits. Thanks again for your business guys!

XDP | Performance Apart

Don't be fooled by other sites who claim to have inventory or have a large selection of products. More than likely they are a part-time re-seller of anythingthey can drop-ship from some wholesaler. Since we have our items in stock and on our shelves we are able to offer you better selection, service and price, making us your true "One Stop Shop for Diesel Power". Our inventory also allows us to get the product shipped directly out to you extremely fast.

Casual Industrees x The Foggy Goggle at Stevens Pass

casually click image above for link

Gator board with 3M vinyl here.
You are here.
Gator board with 3M vinyl there.
*Total amount of fingers paralyzed on this project: 1, but that's enough.
**Photos provided and pilfered by, The Brahg

DCS recently kicked out some custom wall pieces for a collaborama between Casual Industrees and The Foggy Goggle drinking establishment at Stevens Pass. As you can see from these modest photos, the 3M vinyl prints mounted on Gator Board are quite stunning outfitted on the finished timber walls of the bar. These triptychs certainly add a touch of class and celebrate the intense passion of the snow lifestyle and Pacific Northwest Pride.

The point of this is always: WE WANT MORE WORK LIKE THIS. Our capacity for art and interior design is pretty large. Stickers remain our foundation, base layer, bullet proof vest, and nest egg but expansion and evolution lies in fresh and unique challenges. SO, if you are indeed reading this, tell your friends and colleagues to cook up some high concept projects and send them POST-HASTE to

Casual Industrees approved. Blog certified.

Casual | Ad Hoc Success

Casual industrees was created in the winter of 98/99. The idea came from 2 brothers after being fired from their jobs at Mt. Baker. The newly unemployed duo spent the rest of the winter riding the largest recorded snowfall in North American history. Through this experience the multi-hundred dollar company was born.Today the company is run out of a house in Seattle, WA.

The garage houses a screen printing press, orders are filled in the basement, and every room is an office (excluding the bathrooms)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Golden Mic King | GMK

click image above for brilliant reality
50 - Digital Die-Cut Stickers at 2"

DCS is stoked to connecting with local musician, producer, and enigma GMK. His stickers turned out super slick and we're proud to add these to our sticker hall of fame.

Visit GMK online to check out the latest music, videos, merch and live dates. Find your own way to be 'brilly!

GMK | About

Brilliant Reality let’s you into the mind and world of artist GMK along with the rest of the Brilliant Reality team. The story behind brilliant reality is that everything according to GMK is brilliant and in his world that remains a constant truth. Born & raised in Seattle. GMK has been blessed with both talents as a producer & performer. This has been a reality for 10+ years starting from the days of him being a younger brother and watching and studying the musical gifts of his older brothers. Having already produced for great Seattle acts such as, Choklate, D.Black, SOTA, Royce The Choice & others he aims to shoot even higher. He’s also had the pleasure of being featured on Jake One’s “White Van Music” & releasing three albums of his own.

Stitch Goods

click image above for the goods
50 - Digital Die-Cut Stickers at 5"
250 - Digital Die-Cut Stickers at 3"

STiTCH goods has been an incredible effort from Tyler Wibstad and crew. He continually is stepping up his game and growing the STiTCH brand. His new digital die-cut stickers look great and we're excited to see them popping up everywhere.

Keep your eyes peeled as STiTCH gains momentum and be sure to check out the goods online!

STiTCH | About

STiTCH Goods. is a unique Minnesota-based brand that strives for innovation and becoming more than just another company by bringing creativity to the your world.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


click image above for link
1,000 - Digital Die-Cut Stickers 4"

DCS is stoked on the Mobile App revolution and we're always down for a good party. Nixter is combining the two into a nightlife tool everybody can get down with. Make sure you head to the App Store and check it out for yourself.

Our team is stoked to add another great looking sticker to the hall of fame and we'll definitely be seeing these popping up all along the west coast.

Thanks for the order guys!

Nixter | Start the Party

Founded in Santiago, Chile, Nixter is a startup that helps clubbers to find the best parties around the world based on your nightlife likes with a live party ranking system.

We originally launched in 2009 with a customer loyalty card for party animals in Chile.

We’re all grown up now and our new mobile app adapts to you and your likes.

Whether you are looking for something in your local neighborhood, visiting a friend across town or jet setting around the world.


click image above for link
2,000 -  Digital Die-Cut Stickers at 1" and 1.4"

MotoMax is killing it in down in Raleigh. They offer killer deals on pre-owned bikes while specializing in on-the-lot financing. Be sure to check them out for your two-wheeled needs!

DCS is stoked to be partnered with MotoMax and we hope to see these stickers popping up in tons of fan photos all over!

MotoMax | About

MotoMax is Raleigh's largest used power sports dealer in North Carolina. MotoMax stocks over 300 units including motorcycles, cruisers, atvs, dirt bikes, scooters and golf carts. MotoMax was started in 2008 to fill the niche for those looking to save money by buying used instead of new.

MotoMax has a full parts and service department with highly trained technicians that offer the same or better service offered by franchise dealers. MotoMax sells OE parts and accessories for all major brands including Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Polaris, Arctic Cat and Kawasaki.

MotoMax is run and owned by motorcycle professionals.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Freeride Flow Festival

click image above to sample the energy
Two-color Digital Die-Cut Stickers.

The major regret of being a part of an ever-changing, fast-growing sticker business is the lack of vacation time. Case in point, DCS may never have the opportunity to make it out to the Freeride Flow Festival to share the love of snow, backcountry, music, and the energetic lifestyle.

Until the lucky day arrives, we make stickers and admire from afar. Do yourself a favor and join in the fun if you can. Your Bucket List will thank you.

FFF | Snow Unity

Subaru brings you a unique three-day celebration of Backcountry & Freeride Instruction, Live Music DJ's
and Yoga.

Uniting new backcountry skiers with Professional Athletes, Backcountry Guides, Live Music DJ's and Yoga Guru's through clinics, classes, demos, and performances. We invite you to join a conscious ski community at Kirkwood.